End of the Year Wrap-Up 

It's been a while since I last updated so I wanted to spend a quick moment summarizing the past few months before this year ends. Man, time does go by fast.


Since September, I've relocated my family back to NJ from NC and become involved in several new projects, many of which I cannot yet elaborate on. That said here are some of the updates I CAN talk about. I'l post some photos below too about things I reference in this update. 


I've continued work with Sanitarium Magazine doing both covers as well as most recents some interior graphic work. The folks at Sanitarium (specifically Barry) deserve a moment of extra thanks. Sometimes you work for a client or an editor who just accepts whatever you throw at them. You might think this would be great for an artist but it's actually not. Feedback is a crucial part of getting the best work out of an artist. Sometimes the feedback isn't what you would like to hear but I for one, always want feedback - It always pushes me to be better and I appreciate that Barry is always honest with me and gives good feedback and it's helped make the almost yearlong journey with Sanitarium that much more rewarding. I do not know if we'll be doing covers or work together moving into 2015 as of yet but either way it's been a hell of a ride. What I originally thought would be (and started out as) one or two covers has turned into a great partnership that I will value long after our time together ends. They are great people putting out a great magazine and if enjoy horror and literature you owe it to yourself to check it out. 




Secondly and along the lines of folks who provide great feedback are my friends over at The Screamcast Podcast. I love working with them (specifically Sean) who always turns my basic idea into something much beyond what I had planned by questioning my choices and pushing it further than I expected. 


Check them out here: http://www.thescreamcast.com/


Third (sorry this is going to be a long post), The Forgotten Flix Podcast www.forgottenflix.com came to a bittersweet end. I have enjoyed immensely the year plus spent with them doing show art and once in a while joining the show - Hell I got to be a part of an interview with Lance Fucking Henriksen, one of my all-time favorite actors. Joel and Jason are wonderful people who I became good friends with through the journey and they both will be moving on to even bigger and better things. Keep an eye on them... 


Here's the last episode (mini episode) that I was a part of if you care to listen: http://forgottenflix.com/sff14-02/


As always, I want to thank my wife for her constant support and for being my own personal secretary, editor and best critic. I would not have the confidence or drive that I do without her unending support and (sometimes brutal) honesty and assessments of my art. I love you and thank you most humbly.


Lastly I am excited to say I'll be back at Monster Mania in Cherry Hill NJ in March http://www.monstermania.net/MMC30_Guests.html


I have missed doing Monster Mania terribly the past year and a half but it was just too much being so far away and having to travel up with our 5 year old as well as all of our booth stuff. We've missed seeing all of the vendor friends and family we've made as well as all the regulars who always made a point to stop by every year and say hi. It's good to be home and we can't wait to get back to MM and see our old friends and meet some new ones. 


And so ends the year for me. The last week and  half of 2014 will involve trying to decompress from a 650 mile move home and spend some time with my family. I'll do some sketching for some 2015 projects and start some conversations about new things but damn I need a little rest. 


To you all - Anyone taking the time to read this and to all who send constant support, both through purchases or even just kind words of support - THANK YOU. It means the world to me. 

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