The Darkest Corner Book Release!

After more than a year of phone conversations, emails and texts, it finally sees the light of day. The Darkest Corner, a collection of short Horror stories by Author Justin Hamelin and Illustrated by myself, is complete and available for purchase now as an Ebook on Tomorrow it will be released on paperback. It's been a great experience, both in working with someone whose work I respect tremendously and also in the sense that we learned a lot about the highs and lows of getting a book made. That said, after years of talking about it I was thrilled to be a part of a collaboration with Justin. I hope you guys like the finished product. 


I'll be doing some giveaway stuff on my Facebook Page in the upcoming weeks and I know Justin will be as well so keep your eyes out for that. Also, I soon hope to have some copies to sell directly, which I'd be happy to autograph for free. 


Special thanks also to my wife and the best critic I could ever ask for as well as all the friends and family who've offered nothing but support. It means the world.


Last but certainly not least (before I turn this into an Oscar acceptance speech), thanks to Mira Garland and Ambrosia Arts Publishing for helping this project see the light of day. 


As for everybody else, from the Facebook Page "Likes" to the email notes... Thank you.  They are the fuel that keeps this rickety machine chuggin along. I hope this is just the begining of a great 2013. 




Here's Justin's Facebook Page:

Here's Info about the Book Release Party (sadly I will be there only in spirit):

Here's Ambrosia Arts' Facebook Page:



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