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10-13-20   More Blu Ray Special Feature Art



10-31-20   Pumpkin Guts


In celebration of the Halloween Season, I teamed up with frequent collaborator and dear friend Justin Hamelin to put together a little seasonal treat - Pumpkin Guts, a collection of short form "Drabble" pieces by Justin accompanied by some art by me. Click the cover below to check it out! Happy Halloween everyone - Stay safe! 

10-13-20   Friday the 13th Blu Ray Art


Excited to finally share that I was recently asked to contribute to Scream Factory's release of the complete Friday the 13th Box set.  I once again joined Justin Beahm's Reverend Entertainment on this project. You can purchase it here: Friday the 13th Box Set


7-27-20  Graveyard Shift Blu Ray Art


Despite Covid-19 throwing a wrench into several projects, one that has seen the light of day is my work on Scream Factory's release of Graveyard Shift. I teamed up with Justin Beahm's Reverend Entertainment to contribute some artwork for the special features portion of the Blu Ray. You can purchase it on Amazon or directly from Scream Factory: Graveyard Shift Blu Ray


8-20-19 Busy, Busy


A few updates - I've been doing a lot of logo design and freelance of late, as well as some work on an upcoming Strategy card game. While I can't post much from those projects yet, I'll be updating when I am able to share as well as adding some of the work to my gallery. 2019 has proven to be quite a busy year so far so I am looking to get the OK to share more. Here's a small sample of recent work. 


6-28-19 Mangled Matters website Art


I've been working on some new website art for Mangled Matters - A great website which you should all be reading. Check out some of the art below.


6-20-19 13 Fanboy

I will have two paintings used in the set design for the upcoming film 13 Fanboy, Directed by Deborah Voorhees (Friday the 13th: A New Beginning) and starring Dee Wallace, Adrienne King, Thom Mathews, C.J. Graham and Kane Hodder, among others. More to come as production begins! Keep am eye out! 

Below are the pieces to be used:



3-19-19  Site gets a new name, New Projects coming

You'll see I have changed the name and domain of the website. After almost 15 years of Inkspatters, I felt like it was time to change things a little. I've been super busy with my day job since becoming Art Director so I haven't had as much free time to Freelance and work on personal projects but that will change as I have several things in the works... Stay tuned. 

7-31-17  New Project Announcement (Sort of)

I've begun work on a new project that I can't go into a ton of detail about right now but it involves Animation, which I am super excited about, as well as a collaboration between myself and 2 individuals who have topped my bucket list of people I'd love to work with for quite some time now.  Stay tuned...

6-29-17 Article I wrote for the Martyrcycle Website

I was asked by my good friends over at to come up with a list of my favorite album covers. Check it out and give them a "Like" on Facebook!